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Green Desktiny version 2.3.2 is now available!!

If you have purchased Green Desktiny helpdesk, please check for the latest version inside the download page of customer support area.
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af_ZA Afrikaans locale for South Africa am_ET Amharic language locale for Ethiopia ...
You can find new things like: 1. Better security Anti XSS attack added: using 3rd party library...
Installing Green Desktiny helpdesk is very easy. After you get the files, follow the instructions...
Release Date: Mei 10, 2008 # Added 3rd libraries   - Activecalendar. Make scheduling easier and...
Green Desktiny comes with English as a default language. However, to edit and add new language is...
Here how to upgrade from old version to version 2.3.0: 1. Please back up your config.php. Just in...
Our product does not require contact license checking. You are free to use the product without...
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