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Root Green Desktiny version 2.3
Article Ref ABX-113
Created May 11, 2008
What's new in Green Desktiny 2.3.0
You can find new things like:

1. Better security
Anti XSS attack added: using 3rd party library HTMLPurifier

2. Better functional and ease of use
By using xajax 0.2.5 in many pages it will stick to the same page while doing some actions.
Left menu will inform you periodically about latest info without refreshing the page.

3. Added features
- Internal News: you can add news for internal purpose. Internal news will be displayed in the home page of staff panel.
- Ticket Categories: it can narrowed your filter beside the department.
- Better scheduling: you can now add in the home page. Use it as your to do list.
- Front HTML: make you easier to edit the front end. You can add right menu, welcome page (login and not login page)
- Ticket Trash: it will put your deleted tickets before you delete permanently. It will definitely prevent you from accidentally delete ticket permanently.
- Ticket Browse contain many filters, with better ajax you can explore your tickets easier than previous version. Better quick reply make you handle your tickets faster. Better filtering by adding new filter option inside.
- Ticket Detail contains more information about ticket and handle actions better then previous version.
- Display related articles when user is about submitting ticket. Articles will be displayed based on ticket's subject entered, it will try to match with articles keyword. It won't disturb user because it display in the bottom.
- Added option when handling incoming emails: User must register; Force create ticket via website. System will notify user who violates these rules.

4. Better layout for front end and staff panel

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