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Root Green Desktiny version 2.3
Article Ref RYA-140
Created May 11, 2008
Change Log version 2.3.0
Release Date: Mei 10, 2008

# Added 3rd libraries
  - Activecalendar. Make scheduling easier and better appearance.
  - Htmlpurifier. Better security; prevent XSS attack.
  - Kcaptcha. As captcha image, prevent bots submit spams.
  - PHPLayersmenu. Change old staff menu so it will better.
  - Jscalendar. Better date picker.
# Updated adodb version V4.94
# Updated Xajax version 0.2.5
# Updated images
# Database updated
  - Users fields added. More data stored.
  - Table ticket_cat added. For ticket categories.
  - Field description added in table ticket. It will be invisible for user but not for staffs.
  - Field is_trash added in table ticket. For recycle bin.
  - Field is_login added in table ticket. Staff or user can now set flag for some tickets so it will need password to access.
  - Field merge added. Merge tickets are now better.
  - Field ticket_id added in table ticket_post. Better performance.
  - Field internal added in table news. For internal news purpose.
  - Table front and front_lg added. It will store information to be displayed in front end.
  - Table ticket_unread added. Better handling for unread tickets per staff.
  - Table last_activity added. Store information about last activity master. Better on future compatibility.
  - Table ticket_flag added. Better handling for flagged tickets per staff.
  - Records added in table setting. New values for helpdesk setting.
  - Keys added in table ticket (user_id, staff_id, department_id, priority_id, language_id) for better performance.
# Use utf-8 for better internationalization. Fixed bugs on prior character set problem.
# More use ajax features on front end and staff panel.
  - Better validation and notification.
  - Browsing tickets are now much better.
    Major actions taken in the same page: Delete, mark read, flag, lock, move department, etc)
    Quick reply are much better.
    Checking tickets are very visible with static highlight.
  - Add and update data are much better too. All in the same page.
# Ticket categories will fit for other filtering on tickets.
# Trash are very good to prevent deleting tickets accident. It is now available on version 2.3.0 up.
# Better schedule with activecalendar. Schedule can now be added and set done in the home page of staff panel; it will make easier and faster to set to do list.
# Internal news are better announcement inside staff panel. It is also can be set in staff home page for quick action.
# Security is updated with encrypted password, session, and anti xss attack with HTMLPurifier.
# Front HTML make easier to give values for front end. You can set welcome page and right menu. Even for logged in user, the welcome page can be set different.
# News setting added in General Setting. Ajax feature to show related articles based on subject when user is about submitting ticket could be very useful.
# Language files are now available for staff panel. You can just add other language for staff easily.
# Better appearance on User Front End and Staff Panel. Template style is now much different compared with older version.
# Updated email notification. User must be register, User must submit ticket on website, File attachment is not allowed
# Fixed bugs for left info: Who's online.
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